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Friday, November 22, 2013

Create This Narrative

I posted a video on my own personal blog today that is the inspiration for this post. If you would like to listen like I did the video is here. What made me stop sipping my tea for a minute and listen was this quote,
"The thing about being online is you can create this narrative with a brand that you can't otherwise in a store."
by Nick Graham, founder of Joe Boxer

Every day the members of Group2020 are creating their narratives, their stories, if you will. 

We tell these stories in our profiles when we let you know who we are and why our online shops exist. 

We tell our stories in our listing descriptions when we give you background on how items are made or where they came from or what they could add to your life. 

We tell our stories on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and our blogs.  

Take a minute, read our stories.

Links to our blogs are on the right-------->.
Links to shops are on this webpage,
We lead you to our stories on Twitter with the hashtag #group2020.
We keep busy keeping up our shops and sharing stories on Facebook pages, wanelo, tumblr, weheartit and more. If you want a specific link ask in the comments and I will get back to you.

Take your time browsing what we share but come back because we have more stories to tell.