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Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 I love creating jewelry! Years ago beads jumped out at me and yanked me into a fascinating world of color, shape, size, and incredible variety. I make jewelry knowing it will bring someone a unique connection with art, beauty, perhaps earth's energies or ancient traditions via old chainmaille patterns of linking rings to create beautiful patterns, some with modern variations and colors. Symbolism, color, shape, size, and material are all elements involved in each of my creations. I think of beads and my jewelry creations as connections between the day-to-day world and the supernatural world just beyond our view, a world of beauty and eternity. Certain gemstones may exude positive energies and colors also can influence our awareness. Color informs mood. My goal is to bring materials from around the world to create unique wearable art with a touch of that special bold attitude which lives somewhere between elegance and playfulness.
It was easy to find both eleganance and playfulness in Lehane's shop of handcrafted jewelry. Allow me, please to show you some examples.

Use the links I left for you below to find so much more. 
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Monday, October 28, 2013

Cuprum 29

I am a self taught multimedia artist and have been creating jewelry in one form or another for many years. I enjoy it immensely and have currently focused on mixed metal hand sawn cold connected jewelry in copper, brass and silver that includes braille message jewelry, judaica jewelry and jewelry inspired by ethnic art forms from around the world.I go to great lengths to provide beautiful and interesting items that are sturdy and durable to my customers and use only the finest top quality materials in the jewelry I create. 
I learned a new word today. Cuprum is latin for copper and the atomic number for that metal is  29. In this shop copper is designed, shaped and combined with other metals and materials in ways that are more than my simple words can describe so I will just say stunning. You will find large mixed metal rings with intricate hand cut designs. The same metal work is combined with beads in earring and necklaces. Cuprum 29 also has delicate bracelets, arm bands and toe rings.

Of course I found some to share to give you an idea of the artistry I found.

Cuprum29 on Etsy - Facebook - Twitter - Pinterest

Friday, October 25, 2013


I have tried many different things. In the past I poured greenware in a ceramics shop, I learned how to do western carving on leather, I have dabbled in tole or folk art painting along with sewing clothes, embroidery, the basics of tatting and quilting. I love needlework best of all the creative outlets I have explored. Most of the work you will see here reflect that love and will be knitted or crocheted. 
From my profile you can see that I have tried a little bit of a lot of different things. I always work on things thinking my best work is yet to come.  In the next week or so I will start loading my Zibbet shop with the shawls, infinity scarves and more that I have been creating through the summer.

I will share today a couple of things currently in my shop.

I am very glad to be a part of Group 2020 and encourage you to check out their shops too. Keep in mind that the holiday and gift giving season will be here soon. If you are looking to create or hoping to find something unique that is vintage or handmade you want to shop now or the best may be gone.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


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So who are we?
We are a select group of online businesses brought together through friendship and admiration.

What can this group bring to you?
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What can you expect from being a blog reader and follower?
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