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Monday, March 31, 2014

Shop of the Week Lanmom Originals on Etsy

The quote below is from the shop profile of Lanmom Originals on Etsy. Can you tell she likes to crochet? What I will share with you today is just a small part of the talents Nona brings to the products in her shop which includes handcrafted soaps, seed bead crochet, upcycled bracelets and more.
I love crochet. Well, I love most everything, but I REALLY love crochet. Especially when it gives me the chance to work in unusual mediums with unusual materials. Thus, you're likely to see a lot of not-too-common crochet items here. And some more common ones. And some other things, too. If it looks interesting, I'll try it. If it works, you'll see it here. It's just who I am!
This week I am sharing a new line of headbands from Lanmom Originals. She has put a twist in the style meant to bring out your inner diva in some great color combinations.

Aren't they lovely. I think the one in the middle is my favorite. Which one would be yours?

As always I will leave you some links so you can shop or connect.

For shopping

For Connecting

Monday, March 24, 2014

Shop of the Week Cuprum29 on Etsy

I will let ErikaLyn of Cuprum29 introduce her shop with the words used in her shop profile.
I am a self taught multimedia artist and have been creating handmade jewelry, with my two hands from raw materials, in one form or another for many years. I enjoy it immensely and have currently focused on mixed metal, hand sawn cold connected jewelry in copper, brass and silver that includes braille message jewelry, judaica jewelry and jewelry inspired by ethnic art forms from around the world.
I go to great lengths to provide beautiful and interesting items that are sturdy and durable to my customers and use only the finest top quality materials in the jewelry I create. 
There is some excitement about the shop these days. There is a new line of upper arm cuffs in the signs of the Zodiac. Not all signs are represented yet but they are coming. Here is a peek.

Go check out these and all the other lovelies in the shop of this very talented artisan.

You can connect with ErikaLyn in lots of ways. 

and of course her Etsy shop

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Items of the Week

I mean to do these posts on Wednesdays but this week has just disappeared to quickly for me. I do have some lovelies to share with you though.

Our group is made up of sellers on multiple venues. This week you will see items from LehaneArts and Cuprum29 on Etsy, Silver River Glass and Bountiful Soap on independent web sites, and Cozy on Zibbet.

The items are from the shops in the order above and the pictures are links to make checking out these wonderful shops easier. Ready?

Back with more next week. Till then, happy shopping!