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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weekly Features Wednesday

Each week our Group2020 members list four items to be shared and promoted by all the other members. As the author here every Wednesday I pick one of those four from each of them to share. 

This week six of us are sharing so that is what I am showing off to you today. Get ready cause here we go!

Lehane Arts on Etsy
This Celtic inspired necklace is a double strand of light blue beads, crystals, gemstones, and Celtic symbols. The strands are set up in an asymmetrical design. Tiny seed beads both round and triangular are a beautiful shade of blue.
The necklace is ornamented with bicone crystals, Celtic knot beads, and round jasper gemstones. 
Celtic knot beads, bead caps, toggle clasp are antiqued silver plated pewter (lead and nickel free). The asymmetrical design is whimsical and carefree. 
Blue is a calming color with spiritual meaning. The endless knots on the Celtic diamonds are ancient symbols representing the flowing of time and they remind us that all existence is bound by time and change, yet ultimately rests serenely within the divine and the eternal. by Lanmom Originals
Super gentle strawberry soap to pamper your skin! The natural strawberry puree makes this pure olive oil soap delicious in your shower and the seeds give a dash of gentle exfoliation. This is an almost unscented bar, with just the light scent of the strawberries. 
Contains olive oil, water, sodium hydroxide, strawberries, almond milk, madder.
Lemon Yellow Handmade Glass and Silver Earrings
Lemon yellow handmade lampwork glass and silver earrings.
Handmade yellow disc lampwork glass beads that are actually striped opaque and transparent lemon yellow. I chose to pair these lampwork glass beads with yellow Swarovski crystals and silver plated findings.
Bright, cheerful and happy earrings!

Cozy on Zibbet
Comfortable, adjustable, headband with ties made from black fabric with green crocheted trim and ties, accented with red, orange, pink and green.
Use this 20 inch by 2 inch headband to keep your hair tamed with a bit of style. The 10 inch ties will give you a perfect fit every time.

The Tinseled Whisker on Etsy

Custom Printed Swallows Vintage Inspired Gift Tags Lithograph Style Bird Hang Tags

These lithograph style handmade bird gift tags are custom printed with your sentiment. The image features three swallows perched on top of a floral wreath that surrounds your greeting. Two more swallows fly below. Printed in black ink on your choice of white or cream premium quality cardstock. 

Last but never the least of us, our shop of the week
Pickle Valentine on Etsy

Cinnamon Brown and Milk Glass Large Givre Opaline Glass Knot Beads

Six large vintage West German opalescent glass beads with cinnamon mocha givre, an opalescent translucent light pinkish brown. I don't know how else to describe this color! These are some of my favorite beads. They are beautiful, they go with hard to match beads, and they are great with purples, soft browns, pinks, blues and topaz. The beads are molded in the shape of a long knot. They are large, measuring 15mm x 12mm. They are very opalescent, and the givre is encased in the milky opalescent glass. 
My photos show how these look in two different lights. 
Thank you for shopping with us and Happy Beading!

To all our readers, thanks for giving us a look, shop and share, come back anytime with comments or questions. We would love to hear from you.

Friday, February 21, 2014

About Our Blogs

I am doing a bit of catching up here today. It has been since the 7th of Feb. that I let you know about team member blog posts. We are going to take care of that right now since I don't want you all to miss anything. I missed last Friday with the announcement of some of our members refocusing their efforts on Etsy. I hope you had a chance to check them out.

Let's get started shall we?

Cuprum29 Jewelry

Lehane Arts


And to end this week a reminder about recent posts here.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wonderful Wednesday

This beautiful teal and black Celtic Necklace is an asymmetrical double-strand design. The Celtic necklace uses tiny teal and black round and triangular seed beads. These shapes create differing reflections of light and draw attention to the necklace.The asymmetrical strands include gold Celtic knot beads, emerald crystals, and kambaba jasper gemstones. This free-spirited teal green and black necklace has everything! 

Ten translucent vintage emerald green molded leaf beads. These shimmer in the light and have great molded detail. They are 15mm long, 13mm wide and 5mm deep. The back is flat, but because the glass is transparent, the fronts show through. I believe these were made in the 1920s-1930s. These beads were molded and like many of the old Czecho-Deco beads produced for the flapper era, they are not totally matching. 

This five piece copper bracelet set includes five medium weight knotted copper bracelets crafted by hand from raw copper wire with the ends secured in a long wire wrapped knot as an point of interest in the design.
These stacking bracelets were then tumbled to harden the metal and to produce a shiny luster and were finished with a superior grade metal polish to make them really shine.
This bangle set is light weight and sturdy, suitable for every day wear and creates a delicate jingling sound as they move on the wrist.

This dish cloth has been knit by me with a textured stitch for scrubbing ability while the cotton yarn is gentle enough to use on even your most delicate dishes and glassware.
This long lasting white cotton knit dishcloth is just waiting for you to put it to work. 

A pretty lentil pair with an organic ivory base and  a silvered ivory strip. 
 Accented with purple dots.  
Very organic and earthy.

Beautiful handmade bead crochet necklace! This lovely beaded rope is made with a mix that includes thousands of Czecho and Japanese glass seed beads in cream, coral, brick red and black. The dramatic graduated diamonds snaking along the cream rope are complemented by the solid copper end caps and toggle closure. The necklace is 5/16" in diameter and 19 1/2" from end to end, which gives a wear length of about 19". 
As with virtually everything I make, this pattern is my own creation and is lovingly crafted in a non-smoking and non-pet home. See my other listings soon for the coordinating earrings and bracelet. Please note that I can also make a necklace, bracelet or earrings from almost all my patterns!

The pictures are links. Check them and the shops out. Leave comments, pins and tweets are loved and appreciated. 
Most of all go shopping. We'll be here with more next week.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Shop Of The Week Lehane

This week our featured shop for Group2020 is Lehane Arts. This shop is newly opened but the pieces for sale are from an experienced jewelry designer whose work is full of color and light.

In words from the shop profile she introduces her work to you below.
I love creating jewelry! Years ago beads jumped out at me and yanked me into a fascinating world of color, shape, size, and incredible variety. I make jewelry knowing it will bring someone a unique connection with art, beauty, perhaps earth's energies or ancient traditions via old chainmaille patterns of linking rings to create beautiful patterns, some with modern variations and colors.

Symbolism, color, shape, size, and material are all elements involved in each of my creations. I think of beads and my jewelry creations as connections between the day-to-day world and the supernatural world just beyond our view, a world of beauty and eternity. Certain gemstones may exude positive energies and colors also can influence our awareness. Color informs mood.

My goal is to bring materials from around the world to create unique wearable art with a touch of that special bold attitude which lives somewhere between elegance and playfulness.

A bit of Florida sunshine is part of all my creations.
A small sample to show you how these ideas become creations. The pictures will be linked so you can claim a special piece for yourself.

If you find these styles pleasing to you, tweet, pin or comment to let Lehane know. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Big Doings in the Group This Week

As we end this week on Valentine's Day (and hoping yours are all happy and romantic) there is some shopping news that I want to share with you.

A few of our members have reestablished their presence on Etsy. If you shop for jewelry, gift or product tags or vintage jewelry supplies you will want to know where to find these shops.

Banners are links. Check them out it will be worth your time, promise.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wednesday with Words

I am sharing items for four of our group members this week. I am using the item descriptions for each one so you know more that just seeing a picture.

Upper Arm Cuff  by Cuprum29
This beautiful upper arm cuff adjustable lotus petal armlet design is crafted from thick 12 gauge brass wire that is annealed, shaped and forged before being tumbled, polished to a high shine and finished with a top quality metal polish.

The lotus focal design and swirl beneath on this brass armlet has a slightly hammered texture and measures approximately 2 1/4" tall and 3/4" wide at the widest point.

These adjustable brass above the elbow bracelets are made to order in your size.

This chainmail charm is shiny red and silver. The colors are stunning in their vivid metallic glow. It can be ordered in one of three configurations: as a pendant with a black cord necklace, as a dangle charm with a swivel snap hook, or as a keyring. The necklace uses a pewter hook and eye clasp.

This dainty and petite chainmail piece is quite feminine. It measures about 1.25 inches (3 cm) in diameter. It is comprised of anodized aluminum rings hand-woven together. These rings are tarnish resistant and very light. The necklace is about 20 inches (51 cm) long.

The headband features bright red fabric with small hearts framed by a gentle crocheted scallop.

The ties on my headbands allow you to adjust the fit so that is is perfect and comfortable for you every time you wear them.

Keep your hair neat with a soft look that has bold color.

Beautiful bead crochet necklace! This lovely beaded rope is made with thousands of top quality glass seed beads in matte and semi-matte midnight navy blue and Carnival copper. It makes me think of watching shooting stars arc across an endless spring night sky! The dramatic glittering star-crossed midnight rope is complemented by the 22kt gold plated end caps and toggle closure. This is a bold and dramatic necklace that will get you the attention you want! The necklace is 5/16" in diameter and approximately 20 1/4" from end to end, which gives a wear length of about 19 3/4". 

Feel free to tweet, pin, share or comment. We love all those activities ourselves.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Lanmon Originals Shop Of The Week

 It's Monday again and time once more to share with you our Group 2020 Shop of the Week. This week the shop is Lanmon Originals. As of this writing there are two main categories of goods available, beaded crocheted jewelry and handcrafted soaps.

Handcrafted Artisan Jewelry.  Because you're one of a kind.  Shouldn't your jewelry be too?

If you are ready for a one of a kind piece you can find necklaces, earrings and bracelets. This is one of my favorites.

All Natural Handcrafted Soaps.  Because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it!

Personal care products for men can be hard to find. This shop has one of the best collections of manly scents that I have seen. There are several beer soaps as well as Cedar Clove, Cinnamon Tea Tree and Mossy Oak. The ladies aren't left out. Go browse I am sure you will find something you like.

Find all your questions answered on the Shipping and Policies page and if you want to know more a handy email form is right there too.

Start browsing and feel free to share your favorites in a comment. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Our Blogging 2-7-14

Since last Friday some of us have been quieter and some have been chatty.

Lehane Arts posted about our shop of the week. She did a great job of describing the materials, techniques and style incorporated in the shop Cuprum29 on Etsy. 

On the blog Cuprum29 you will find reposts about her shop of the week. She shared one from Lehane Arts and one from this blog written on Monday.

Cozy was this weeks chatterbox. The week started with a post about Cuprum29. A new series of posts began Tuesday about the handmade items that are part of daily life. Wednesday covered a couple hew listings for the week. Thursday was a Randomly Shared Shop post and Friday was just thoughts at the end of the week.  Read it all on A Cozy Life.

Until next Friday.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Shop of the Week is Cuprum29 on Etsy

I am a self taught multimedia artist and have been creating jewelry in one form or another for many years. I enjoy it immensely and currently have focused on hand sawn cold connected jewelry in copper, brass and silver that is inspired by ethnic art forms from around the world. I go to great lengths to provide beautiful and interesting items that are sturdy and durable to my customers and use only quality materials in the jewelry I create.

When I read through this on the About page for the shop Cuprum29 all I could think was wow. Hand sawn? Yes hand sawn and with such symmetry and precision that I am sure took years to perfect. Add to those skills a commitment to provide sturdy and durable products and feedback from happy customers and this is an amazing shop not to be missed.

Stop by to browse at and then if you have a minute come back and comment about your new favorites, share the shop with your followers or make a purchase. Buttons at the end of this post or in the shop make it all so easy to share.