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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Size Image Do I Need?

We, meaning my teammates, here at Group2020 are a group of online sellers trying every day to put our best foot forward. We hope others find our work appealing. We cover a wide range of skills and talents from soap making to home decor, personal accessories knitted or crocheted to jewelry including altered vintage, steampunk, chailmaille and beaded crochet. We interact daily on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ Pinterest and more.

In putting that best foot forward I recently found a resource that will be useful to us and I hope useful to others as well.

All social sites have profile picture and header options and some have even more than that. Each of them of course have different settings and knowing those settings can go a long way to help you make a good impression for you and your brand.

Sprout Social  has a blog post filled with information to help and a google doc that will be updated as needed.

For the blog post use this link.
For the always up to date google doc use this link.

Thank you Sprout Social.