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Monday, February 3, 2014

Shop of the Week is Cuprum29 on Etsy

I am a self taught multimedia artist and have been creating jewelry in one form or another for many years. I enjoy it immensely and currently have focused on hand sawn cold connected jewelry in copper, brass and silver that is inspired by ethnic art forms from around the world. I go to great lengths to provide beautiful and interesting items that are sturdy and durable to my customers and use only quality materials in the jewelry I create.

When I read through this on the About page for the shop Cuprum29 all I could think was wow. Hand sawn? Yes hand sawn and with such symmetry and precision that I am sure took years to perfect. Add to those skills a commitment to provide sturdy and durable products and feedback from happy customers and this is an amazing shop not to be missed.

Stop by to browse at and then if you have a minute come back and comment about your new favorites, share the shop with your followers or make a purchase. Buttons at the end of this post or in the shop make it all so easy to share.